Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Need to create new growth, or to manage already ongoing heavy growth
  • Failing to reach profitability targets
  • Major changes in business or competitive landscape
  • Slow decision making, poor implementation of decisions
  • Declining customer satisfaction; perceived problems in business processes
  • Need to develop own leadership and management capabilities.
These are just examples of challenging situations where external support can be of great help in generating positive impacts, rapidly.
Based on an initial analysis of your company’s situation, a service plan is tailor-made to fit your needs and desired  time frame.

“Lagging behind set targets in spite of relentless efforts is a troublesome situation for management. It is equally challenging when targets are reached and exceeded at an unanticipated pace. In both situations it is necessary to review the strategic plans, or assess if the company has actually put the plans in practice.”
−Päivi Heikinheimo